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Intransigeance and involvement are two words that Sergio 69 and E-Care, the two Lyon based techno activists known as CLFT Militia, are taking more than literally. Growing up, Sergio 69 cut his teeth on New Wave in Grenoble “Techno city” while E-care was going strong on muscled up Techno in Valencia, Spain. As they gathered as a DJ team, they brought hard and intense work in the rave scene of Lyon...

Filling the gap between hard hitting techno and dark electro, they open a space dedicated to freedom, taking their references in the militant spirit of the early rave scene. They pay tribute to the original underground techno, allowing it to express as a music for the body and the mind. As hard strugglers the two “compadres” are putting away attitudes and postures, but they still always give a certain interest in aesthetics and visual aspects, matching a high level of craft in their releases, events or features. As whole universe, CLFT resonates as a pure energy of techno.