With her broad musical knowledge, openly experimental affinities and eagerness to explore dance music's darkest corners, Reka perfectly nails what it means to be a Tresor resident. 

Growing up in a Spanish small town, Reka absorbed the sounds of club music at an early age. By seven she started enthusiastically collecting tapes of her favorite tunes and radio shows. By ten she was hanging regularly with her uncle's record collection. A full-fledged music fan by twelve, she had already discovered the sounds of Italo Disco, Acid House and New Beat. 

But it wasn't until way later, after finishing her Genetics studies, that Rebeca would really pursue her creative side. Though as soon as she started to, it all came in one fell swoop: one year after getting her first turntables she co-founded Madrid's LeChic club, got discovered by DJ Hell and, as part of the DJ-Duo LeChic, joined the International Deejay Gigolos crew. "LeMix", the pair's critically acclaimed mix-CD on the label, and worldwide tours followed. However Reka, who was also selected to participate in 2007's Red Bull Music Academy, eventually felt the desire to follow her own vision of dance music – a vision considerably darker than the minimal-tinged Electro/Acid/Disco mix of LeChic. 

Reka started to focus more on her solo project. With a thirst for highly adventurous selections oscillating between mercilessly dystopian aesthetics and moments of sheer, sublime beauty, she cultivated her very own, personal approach to heady machine music. Featuring everything from contemporary, state-of-the-art techno to the genre's prototypical past of Electro's early days, Reka's sets are a highly sensitive affair, maneuvering seamlessly through dance music's many permutations. Her ability to channel her aesthetic in Tresor's cellar as well as the Globus booth just proves the fact of her versatility, making her a perfect fit for the most diverse of dance floor contexts, no matter if in the US, China or Berlin. 

Besides constantly refining her approach as a selector Reka currently furthers her deep understanding of audio through her sound design studies and their application in her own studio environment.